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Who are we

AmnaTrading, is one of the reliable distributor of chemical products and adhesives in the MiddleEast , focused on contributing to the success of our customers with the latest technologies and industrial chemicals segments. We combine economic success, social responsibility and respect for the environment ,we help our customers meet current and future needs in almost every industry.

Quality Product

It is our passion to make sure that our customers are provided with the right quality products

Cost Effective

We realize how important your money is and that's why we make sure that our whole package gives you value for money.

On time Delivery

We are dedicated in our business to implementing ON-TIME values. Ensure that all products get to you in time


Hotmelt adhesive is the most common method used in the packaging  industry.Hotmelt adhesives are cost effective.Applications are Case Sealing,Trayforming,Carton Sealing, Heat Seals ,Container Labeling. Know More

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